7th ICSSST 2019

The 7th International Conference on Solid State Science and Technology (7th ICSSST 2019) is biennial event in Malaysia. This conference is jointly organized by the Centre for Defence Foundation Studies, National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) as host, in cooperation with the Malaysian Solid State Science and Technology Society (MASS).

About the Conference

The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for the solid-state science and technology community to share and discuss latest developments and findings of related fields. It is the organizer’s hope that this conference will offer networking environment in forging and strengthening research collaborations within this community.


Enhancing Science and Technology of Advanced Materials for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


All accepted paper will be published in the following journals :
1) Solid State Phenomena (Scopus)
https://www.scientific.net/SSP ISSN: 1662-9779
2) International Journal of Electroactive Materials (myCite)
http://www.electroactmater.com e-ISSN: 2289-8360
3) Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences (Scopus)
http://www.ukm.my/mjas/mjas2018/ ISSN: 1394-2506

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Highlight Topics

  • Advanced Material Synthesis and Crystal Growth Technology
  • Biomaterial
  • Carbon and Related Materials
  • Ceramics and Glasses
  • Devices and Materials for Biology and Medicine
  • Electrochemical and Solid State
  • Lasers and Optoelectronics
  • Materials and Energy
  • Metals and Alloys
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • ...

  • Optical and Dielectric Materials
  • Organic Materials and Applications
  • Photonic Devices and Optoelectronic Integration
  • Polymers and Composites
  • Semiconductors and Devices
  • Solid State Theory, Simulation and Computation
  • Superconductors
  • Thin Films and Nanostructures
  • Crystallography
  • Defence and Security
  • Other Solid State Research
  • Plenary/Keynote Speakers

    Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala

    Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala

    Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan
    Plenary Speaker with the title " The Phenomenal Role of Bulk High-Tc Superconductors in Day to Life Applications."
    Prof. Paul A. Bingham

    Prof. Paul A. Bingham

    Sheffield Hallam University
    Keynotes Speaker with the title "New Glasses for Next-Generation Solar Energy Devices."
    Prof. Dr. Imad Hamadneh

    Prof. Dr. Imad Hamadneh

    University of Jordan
    Keynotes Speaker with the title " Green synthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles using plant extracts: merits and constraints. "
    Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus

    Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Wan Md Zin Wan Yunus

    National Defense University of Malaysia
    Keynotes Speaker with the title "Polymer clay nanocomposite preparation: clay modification for enhancement of polymer clay miscibility".

    MASS Micrograph Award 2019

    This contest is designed for students who participate in 7 th ICSSST 2019 to show their understanding on the micro and nano morphology of materials.


    Materials Technology Challenges 3.0

    The MASS Materials Technology Challenges 3.0 2019 (MASS MTC 3.0) is a platform for researchers to showcase their research, exchange ideas and improve communication skills while competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.

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    ICSSST Workshop

    Workshop on computational material design & digital and laser microscopy

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